Towards an inclusive city: Opening the public space for social engagement


by Andrea Cubides.

There is a deep need to focus on more inclusive ways of shaping cities since more than half of the world´s population now live in them. All sorts of difficulties are challenging the way we live and survive in the city, moreover for the urban poor who, as only choice, have to agglomerate in inadequate and even dangerous parts of the urban peripheries. Consequently, agglomeration makes difficult the provision of services. Thus, limiting the access to education, sanitation and other networks of opportunities and producing intolerance to differences. Deepening social and economic inequality.

A good city should be an inclusive city. One that provide spaces for social engagement and cohesion between its fragmented societies, throughout its entire territory. Inevitably, I think about a city that actually has been named everywhere, because of its recent approach to tackle poverty and inequality through an urbanism of inclusion.

The city…

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Databending using Audacity Effects

Question Something

A semi-complete documentation of Audacity Effects on image files.

This can also be found on Tumblr, if you prefer.

When pursuing the wonderful practice of databending I think that experimentation is all important. Discovering new ways to do things is a key element to the entire experience. But I also know that without tutorials from Antonio Roberts (HelloCatFood) and Stallio (AnimalsWithinAnimals) I wouldn’t have taken the steps to really engage in the subject. They acted as a gateway for me to try new things and experiment with other ideas.

If you’ve never encountered it before, I highly recommend checking out Antonio Roberts’ tutorial on databending with Audacity, which can be found here.

If you’ve never heard of Audacity, then here is the website. It’s a free audio editing program with tools to cut and paste sound and to add effects, but it can also be so…

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